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At Cold Lake & St. Paul Orthodontics, led by Dr. Deepak Arora, we specialize in creating stunning smiles with braces in St. Paul. Our practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality orthodontic care in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

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Our St. Paul Braces Options

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Metal Braces

Metal braces have long been the cornerstone of orthodontic treatment, known for their durability and effectiveness. Today, they're better than ever, incorporating advanced technology to enhance comfort and reduce treatment time. Unlike the bulky braces of the past, modern metal braces are sleek, less noticeable, and more efficient at moving teeth into their correct positions.

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Clear Braces

Clear braces offer a less visible alternative to metal braces, making them a popular choice among teens and adults who prioritize aesthetics during treatment. Made from transparent materials, clear braces blend in with your teeth, providing orthodontic treatment that's as discreet as it is effective. They work in the same way as metal braces but with the added benefit of being nearly invisible!

Your Orthodontic Journey: From Consultation to Beautiful Smile

Your path to a straighter smile begins with a free consultation at Cold Lake & St. Paul Orthodontics. During your visit, we'll discuss your goals, perform a thorough examination, and take necessary x-rays to develop a personalized treatment plan. Whether you choose metal or clear braces, our team is committed to making your orthodontic experience as smooth and effective as possible.

We'll guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the right type of braces to adjusting them and finally revealing your new, beautiful smile. You'll receive thorough instructions and tools for proper cleaning, maintaining optimal oral health throughout the treatment. For example, special toothbrushes, dental floss, and water jets are recommended for effective cleaning during your time with metal or clear braces.

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Schedule a St. Paul Braces Consultation

At Cold Lake & St. Paul Orthodontics, your care and satisfaction are our top priorities. No matter which treatment option you choose, our team, led by Dr. Deepak Arora, is dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest standard of care. We invite you to schedule a free consultation for braces treatment in St. Paul today!