Options for Your Budget

Cold Lake & St. Paul Orthodontics strives to provide you with the highest possible value that’s within your family’s budget.

Financing Your Treatment

At Cold Lake & St. Paul Orthodontics, our goal is to eliminate any financial barriers. We don't want anything getting in the way of your treatment.

During your first first consultation, our Treatment Coordinator will review costs, and the exact price really depends on the complexity of your case.

Options like early interceptive treatment, full braces, Invisalign, or surgical cases will impact the cost.

For added convenience, we provide 0% interest financing. Special financing allows you to spread the cost of braces or Invisalign over the treatment period. This should help free you from the worry of accumulating interest.

Our commitment to affordability extends to offering extended payment plans. We have all-inclusive pricing and a promise of no hidden fees. We also accept Dentalcard.

Easy Insurance Claims

Navigating insurance can be tricky in Canada. Dental insurance companies usually consider orthodontic coverage a separate benefit. They typically cap the coverage at 50%.

Plus, orthodontic specialists can't accept payment from insurance companies. We will do all the paperwork for you and help you get your reimbursement back from the insurance.

But don’t worry! At Cold Lake & St. Paul Orthodontics, we’re experts at navigating insurance for our patients.

How We Help

At your first visit, we'll help you determine:

  • Whether you have orthodontic coverage under your plan(s)
  • The lifetime maximum of your coverage
  • Your insurance company's guidelines
  • Your insurance company's reimbursement percentage

After we’ve determined your orthodontic coverage, we’ll give you a dental claim form to submit to your insurance company, which will directly reimburse you. If you need any help with this or have any questions, please let our expert office staff know, and we’ll be happy to assist you.