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A Clear Way to a New Smile

At Cold Lake & St. Paul Orthodontics, we aspire to be your trusted orthodontic provider of clear aligners. We combine advanced solutions with a deep understanding of your need for discreet and effective teeth straightening. That's why we're proud to include Invisalign among our range of clear aligner options.

What Are Clear Aligners?

At Cold Lake & St. Paul Orthodontics, Dr. Arora offers clear aligners. Treatments like Invisalign represent a contemporary alternative to traditional braces. These virtually invisible aligners are custom-made to fit over your teeth.

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Clear Treatment Option

Dr. Arora specializes in clear aligners meticulously designed to fit your unique dental structure. With a new set approximately every 1 – 2 weeks, each aligner gently nudges your teeth closer to their new locations.

Throughout this journey, Dr. Arora closely monitors your progress to confirm that every phase of the treatment is comfortable and works as it should.

Designed for Teens & Adults

Are you looking for a less noticeable (but effective) treatment? Our team recommends clear aligners for teens and adults. They're particularly suited for correcting mild to moderate dental misalignments.

Clear aligners give you a convenient way to live your life and enjoy your favorite foods. How? You can conveniently remove them as you need to.

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Choosing Between Braces & Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners present a subtle, flexible solution for straightening teeth with minimal visibility. Ideal for those who prefer a less noticeable treatment, these aligners can be easily removed for eating, brushing, or during special occasions.

They allow you to enjoy life's moments without interruption. Versatile in their application, they are well-suited for a wide range of cases, from the simplest to more complex.

Traditional Braces

For many of our patients, traditional metal braces can address many orthodontic issues. Their fixed nature provides a constant, reliable force. This force guides your teeth into their correct position. While not removable, their consistent presence offers you a steady path to alignment.

Your Personalized Orthodontic Plan

Dr. Arora will assess your orthodontic needs. We want to find out whether braces or clear aligners are the most suitable option for you. At Cold Lake & St. Paul Orthodontics, we see you as a unique individual with specific orthodontic goals.

We commit to devising a customized treatment plan that aligns with your unique requirements. We want you to have an optimal fit and an easy transition into your new smile.

Discover Your Choices at Cold Lake & St. Paul

Cold Lake & St. Paul Orthodontics is ready to assist you. Dr. Arora and our team are committed to providing personalized, effective care with clear aligners. Begin by scheduling a consultation today.