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Life with Braces

Life with braces does not have to be much different than life before braces. With proper care and maintenance, your activities can continue while you build your terrific smile. You’ll be pleased to learn that orthodontic treatment will fit in with your current lifestyle. Be sure to ask your orthodontist if you have questions about specific activities.

Playing sports
Depending on the sport, it is probably a good idea to wear some sort of lip protector or mouth guard so the braces don’t cut the insides of your mouth. Ask your orthodontist for recommendations.

Playing an instrument
Yes, you can play your wind instrument. You may not need one, but several companies make mouth guards and lip protectors specifically for this purpose. Ask your orthodontist for recommendations. Some orthodontists can make a custom lip guard for you.

What can I eat?
Choose foods that are softer. Avoid foods that are hard, sticky, crunchy or chewy. Cut or tear sandwiches and pizza rather than biting into them. Right after you get braces or whenever they are adjusted, you may want foods that require little or no chewing such as soup and macaroni and cheese.